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Long gone are the days of the classic Dearly beloved we are gathered here today, followed by the standard “I do” nuptials.  Life and love come in all shapes and sizes, all different cultures, religions, and genders.  Creating meaningful wedding ceremonies is a true art and if you decide that you want a wedding ceremony that truly speaks to who you are as a couple, as a family, as partners in life, then you have come to the “write” place.  As an Officiant and a Celebrant, I work in partnership with all my wedding clients so I can truly understand their love story, in a way, that helps me to craft and bring to life a ceremony that will resonate for years to come.

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Celebrations of Life should be as unique as the person they are celebrating.  Often these types of celebrations can be overwhelming for a family or friends to organize and to make sure that they are paying tribute in a way that is befitting to who is so special to them.  I thoroughly understand the responsibility and trust that it takes to properly pay tribute to our loved ones.  Like many of the celebrations of our lives, it is important and incumbent upon me to work, in partnership, to make sure that this end of life story is what you want. 

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Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do.  It can be very overwhelming for families, friends and communities when the people that they love so much take their leave.  Whether their departure is unexpected or has been coming for some time, these can be such difficult moments.  As your Celebrant, I want to make those moments easier for those of us who are here saying goodbye.  It is important to respectfully honour, remember and pay tribute to those who we cherished so much. 

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I do.  Again.  Reaffirming commitments can be just as important and powerful as the very first time you said “I do” to each other.  As a Celebrant/Officiant being a part of a vow renewal is a wonderful experience because you have great stories, rich history, happy moments, difficult moments and yet, here you are.  Ready to commit to each other, all over again.  Like my wedding clients, I dig down deep to find those insights and those stories to bring them to life as you celebrate the very special benchmarks of your life. 

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Naming Ceremonies are unique in that it is a time that we are introducing and welcoming a new member into a family and into a community.  There is no set structure to how this unfolds.  This something that I, as your Celebrant, can guide you through so that we can create and acknowledge these very special moments in our lives.